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Born in 1972, Max Ionata is considered one of the major Italian saxophonist on the contemporary scene. Throughout just a few years, he’s been appreciated by critics and audience, succesfully working in Italy and abroad.
Having published more than 70 disks with national and international artists, he’s very much appreciated abroad, especially in Japan.

He’s leader in several projects and collaborates permanently with prestigious artists. He’s been playing in the most popular jazz clubs and festivals, working with great musicians such as: Robin Eubanks, Reuben Rogers, Clarence Penn, Lenny White, Billy Hart, Alvin Queen, Joe Locke, Anne Ducros, Steve Grossman, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, Bob Franceschini, Hiram Bullock, Joel Frahm, Miles Griffith, Anthony Pinciotti, Jon Cowherd,John Benitez, Dino Piana, Roberto Gatto, Dado Moroni, Stefano Di Battista, Gegè Telesforo, Giovanni Tommaso, Flavio Boltro, Furio Di Castri, Fabrizio Bosso, Enrico Pierannunzi, Mario Biondi, Ornella Vanoni, Sergio Cammariere, Renzo Arbore and many others.

Max has performed in Japan, China, Netherlands, England, France, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland, Denmark, Deutschland, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Perù and United States.

Among his international awards:

Award “Massimo Urbani” for woodwinds, 2000
First prize at “Baronissi” national jazz contest, 2000
Audience award at “Tramplin Jazz D’Avignon” international contest, France, 2002 “JAZZIT AWARD” as best Italian tenor saxophonist, 2012
“JAZZIT AWARD” as best Italian tenor saxophonist, 2013

The popular magazine Jazzlife tributed to him a wide article with interview in the special edition “Jazz horn 2010”, addressing him as “a saxophonist who opened new boundaries in jazz”.


As a Leader

Max Ionata/ Dado Moroni “TWO FOR STEVIE” Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz – 2014 Max Ionata Quartet “Inspiration Live” Albòre Jazz Records Japan – 2014
Max Ionata/ Dado Moroni “TWO FOR DUKE” Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz – 2012 Ionata/Penn/Rogers “Kind Of Trio” Jando Music/Via Veneto – 2011

Max Ionata Quartetto “DIECI” Via Veneto Jazz – 2011
Max Ionata Organ 3 + Fabrizio Bosso “Coffee Time” – Albòre Jazz Records Japan – 2010 Max Ionata Quartet “Inspiration” – Albòre Jazz Records Japan – 2009 Ionata/Scannapieco/Rogers/Penn “Tenor Legacy” – Picanto Records – 2009
Max Ionata/Giovanni Amato “Organic” – Picanto Records – 2007

Max Ionata/Luca Mannutza “Lode 4 Joe” – Wide Sound – 2006 Max Ionata Quartett “Little Hand” – Abeat – 2003
Max Ionata/Claudio Filippini “Zaira” – Wide Sound – 2001

As a Sideman

Daniela Spalletta Feat. Urban Fabula Special guest Max Ionata “D-Birth” – Alfa Music – 2015
Green Trio Special Guest Max Ionata “POST IT”, Nuccia editore – 2014
Marcello Rosa “Number One” Nelson Records – 2014

Trem Azul “Nao Sei Sambar” Jandomusic – 2014
Colonna Sonora “La Grande Bellezza” Oscar prize – 2014
Dado Moroni “Five For John” Jandomusic – 2014
Pepe Ragonese “Sweet Soul Mood” Abeat Records – 2014
Marcello Rosa “Number One” – 2014
Danila Satragno “San Remo in Jazz” Iperspazio – 2013
Mauro De Federicis Trio Special Guest Max Ionata “Inside Time” Wide Sound – 2013 Luigi Blasioli “Sounds of Aracsep Valley” – 2013
Roberto Gatto e Lysergic Band “Pure Immagination” Albòre Jazz Records Japan – 2013
Fabrizio D’Alisera “Crossthing” Alfamusic Italy – 2013
Letizia Gambi “Introducind” With (R.Carter, C.Corea, G.Barbieri, L.White) Jandomusic EMI – 2013
Dario Germani “For Life” Featuring Max Ionata, Tosky Records – 2012
Massimiliano Tonelli “Altrove” Featuring Max Ionata, Unit Records – 2012
Gegè Telesforo “NU JOY” Sony Music Entertainment Italy – 2012
Sergio Cammariere “Sergio Cammariere” Sony Music Entertainment Italy – 2012 Antonella Catanese “Red Inside” Jazzy Records – 2012
Dino e Franco Piana Septet “Seven” Alfa Music – 2012
Umbria Jazz 2011 Compilation Blue Note Records – 2011
Giovanni Mazzarino “In Sicilia Una Suite” Jazzy Record – 2011
Berardi Jazz Connections “Anyway” Flaminio Jazz – 2011
Roberto Gatto Quintet “Remembering Shelly Vol 2” – Albòre Jazz Records Japan – 2010 Tri4th special guest Max Ionata – P-Vine records Japan – 2010
Luca Mannutza/Andy Gravish Sound Advice “The Round About” – Schema Records – 2010
Gegè Telesforo “So Cool” – Groove Master Edition – 2010
Silvia Manco Trio “Suddenly It’s Christmas Time” Mordente Records – 2010
Tatsuo Sunaga “Club Jazz Digs Lupin The Third” – JVC Japan – 2010
Guido Pistocchi “Spring Time” – Norma Blue Japan – 2010
Gerardo Bartoccini “Bye Bye Lazybird” – Dodicilune – 2010
Rosalia De Souza “D’Improvviso” – Schema Records – 2009
Pietro Ciancaglini “Reincarnation Of A Lovebird” – Schema Records – 2009
Lorenzo Tucci “Touch” – Schema Records – 2009
Luca Mannutza “Sound Six” – Albòre Jazz Records Japan – 2009
Roberto Gatto Quintet “Remembering Shelly” – Albòre Jazz Records Japan – 2009 Fabrizio Bosso “Black Spirit” – Pony Canyon Japan – 2009
Quartetto Trevi Featuring Max Ionata “Night Walk” – Norma Blue Japan – 2009 Massimo Nunzi “Jazz Istruzioni per l’uso” DVD Repubblica-L’Espresso – 2009
Colonna sonora originale “L’Amore nascosto” “La Croisette” – 2009
Gianluca Renzi All Stars Orchestra “Charles and Joe”- Wide Sound – 2008
Marcello Rosa “Jass e Jazz & More” – Pentaflowers – 2008

Pietro Lomuscio “Suite Standars in Bb maggiore” – Philology – 2008 Andy Gravish/Luca Mannutza “Sound Advice” – Wide Sound – 2007 Berardi Jazz Connections “Do It” – Flaminio Jazz – 2007
Roberto Spadoni “Panta Rei” – Wide Sound – 2007

Marcello Rosa “A Child Is Born” – Philology – 2007
Daniele Luttazzi “Money For Dope” – Emi – 2005
Miles Griffith & Tony Pancella Quartet – “Smile Again” – Griffith Records – 2005 Loredana Lubrano “Smile” – 2004
Andy Gravish Quintet “New York/Rome Hook Up” – 2003
Gianluca Renzi Sextet “Looking From The Right Line” – Wide Sound – 2003
Pino Jodice “Suspended” – U.M. Records – 2003
Walter Gaeta “Oktogon” – Mobydick editore – 2003
Ada Montellanico “Suoni Modulanti” – Abeat – 2002
M. Rolli e A.M.P. Big Band Feat. MIKE STERN “Moodswing” – Wide Sound – 2001 Pier Francesco Loche “Tetanic” – 2001

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