1. My Moon
Mimmo Campanale  




• My Moon  3:56 (S.Brancale – D.Campanale)

• Nostalgia 6:54(N.Stufano)

• Bye Bye 4:13 (D.Campanale – S:Brancale)

• Acustronica 7:46 (D.Campanale – E.Carucci)

• Why we do what we do? 4:37 (D.Campanale – E.Carucci)

• Giulio 4:40 (D.Campanale – M.Signorile)

• Semi di Ritmo 1:48 (D.Campanale – S.Brancale)




MIrko Signorile –  piano  & Keyboards ( tracks 1 – 3 – 6)

Ettore Carucci –  piano & Keyboards ( tracks 4 – 5)

Mario Rosini – piano (tracks 2)

Luca Alemanno – bass & double bass (all tracks except 2)

Paolo Romano –bass (track 2)

Nico Stufano – guitar (tracks 2 – 6)

Gaetano Partipilo – alto sax (tracks 1 – 4)

Serena Brancale –  voice ( tracks 1 – 3 – 7)

Carolina Bubbico – voice ( voice track 3 and strings arrangement track 6)

Leo Gadaleta  – violins (track 6)

Mimmo Campanale – drums


Thanks to: Mirko, Ettore, Luca, Nico, Paolo, Gaetano, Mario,leo Serena, Carolina,Gegè, Telesforo, Roberto Ramberti, Simona Bencini, Beppe Fortunato,Massimo Stano,Norberto Rizzi, Acustica Napoli, Mimmo Di Corato, Salvatore Mecca, Francesco, Ricci,Pino Ladisa, Il Pentagramma, Guido Di Leone, Beppe, Teresa, Maria, Agostino, Lele, Nicole, Luigi.

My special thanks: my son Marco, Serena, my parents Vincenza and Nicola, my  brother Saverio.

Giulio’s song is dedicated to a little Angel.


Photo by Francesco Ricci

Mimmo Campanale play Crecent Cymbals, Mec sticks, Multipad DTX12 Yamaha.

Produced by BOB RAMBERT

Recorder, mixed and mastered by Massimo Stano at Studio Mediterraneo – Santeramo in Colle (BA) Italy  Gennaio 2014




My  mOOn( Brancale-Campanale)

I want to dedicate my Music to you..

‘Cause your pale face reminds mine.

You deserve the beSt sound.. Like glow.. Like I know..

Smile,eyes,cheeks smell of night and your soul will be alwalys white ..

What’s happened inside,baby? C’mon.


My moon she’s crying

No company is there

No Music is there

My moon she’s dying

No company is there,

no music,there’s no time

Just the night ..


I raised my eyes for you ‘cause your face reminds mine..

Honestly I give you everything you need.


..I don’t know why

but i’m feeling so sad..

( Lover Man )







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